Ashley Diane Saldana is an artist living and working between New Mexico and Germany. She received her MFA in Studio Art from New Mexico State University and her BFA in Photography from the University of North Florida. Her work is included in the College of Southern Maryland’s private collection and has been featured in multiple group exhibitions throughout the United States.

Working as a field based artist she explores curiosity without resolution in an effort to define desire. The desire for objects, connection and knowledge. Through her investigative approach of walking, she orients herself in spaces of solitude, attuned to her surroundings while analyzing geological history  and its features. These walks sometimes feel like a never ending chase, constantly reaching for the unreachable, but working to find permanence in feelings of uncertainty.

Through her research, this concept of longing for information and connection is present through her cyclic workflow grasping the potentials of material. Repetition of form instills a sense of stability and comfort that longs for a connection to tactile elements embedded in her memories. In an effort to understand the nature of objects, by exploring human connection to materiality and time.

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