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PREORDER: The New Geologic Epoch

For this exhibition, member artists/scientists illuminate the transformations that have led us to the current human epoch, now referred to as the Anthropocene.

The New Geologic Epoch presents work relating to or commenting on geological transformations in the land including commentary on previous works by Earth or Land artists. The works reference our evolution leading to the precarious situation we find ourselves in today with massive scarring of the planet's surfaces due to mining and the impacts of the built environment with the development of dams, bridges, roads, and sprawling urban cities. Works include a wide range of media with drawings, watercolors, collage, textile, sculpture, ceramic, painting, photography, sound, video, film, installation, performative, and eco-remediation.

The New Geologic Epoch captures the shifting baselines in the landscape, which over time have become the new normal.

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The New Geologic Epoch: Selected Artists 

The New Geologic Epoch 2023 is the fourth annual ecoartspace online exhibition + printed book.

The New Geologic Epoch present works that relate to or comment on geological transformations in the land including commentary on previous works by Earth or Land artists. Featured works reference this evolution leading to our precarious situation today with massive scarring of the planet's surfaces due to mining and the built environment with dams, bridges, roads, and the development of sprawling urban cities. Work that addresses interventions in the land as it relates to soil, rock, minerals, and how water and wind interact with these elements, and especially how colonial extraction has marked and disrupted ecological systems. We are interested in the new dynamics between these alterations with regards to the nonhuman world, vegetal and animal, and the resulting impacts on all life. What are the shifting baselines that over time have become the new normal?

Selected Artists:
Luciana Abait, Mary Babcock, Sarah Bachinger, Katrina Bell, Barbara Boissevain, Kellie Borhhoft, Regina Bos, Emily Bud, E, Tyler Burton, Renata Buziak, Arminee Chahbazian, Julianne Clar, Kyra Clegg, Valerie Constantino, Betsy Damon, Lauren Davie, Dennis DeHart, Eliza Evans, Stephanie Garo, PlantBot Genetics, DesChene+Schmuki, William Gilbert, Lawrence Gipe, Helen Glazer, Kim V. Goldsmith, Rachel Guardiola, Tom Hansel, Robert Haskell, Alexander Heilner, Harriet Hellman, Jessica Housto, Nikki Lindt, Sarah Kanouse, Sant Khalsa, Samantha Lan, Cheryl Leonar, Bonnie Levinthal, Christopher Lin, Jason Lindse, Malin Lobell, Art of Biomass, Rosalind Lowry, Sara Mast, Nitin Mukul, Mia Mulve, Annette Nykiel, Carol Padberg, Marguerite Perret, Alan Peterso, Perdita Phillips, Susana Soares Pinto, Jill Price, Walmeri Ribeir, Linda-Marlena Ross, Meridel Rubenstein, John Sabra, Zoe Sadokiersk, Ashley Diane Saldana, Aindreas Scholz, Sue Spai, Anne-Katrin Spiess, Kala Stein, Lawrence Stevens, Rainey Strau, Lauren Bon + Metabolic Studio, Scott Sutton, Roberta Trenti, Peggy Weil, Ryland West, Erin Wiersma, Anne Yonch, Laura Ahola-Young.

Guest Juror: Mary Mattingly
Mary Mattingly is an interdisciplinary artist and educator who founded Swale, an edible landscape on a public barge in New York City. She has exhibited sculpture and photography at institutions around the world and has received grants and foundations such as the James L. Knight Foundation, the Harpo Foundation, and the Art Matters Foundation. Her work has also been featured in publications like Aperture Magazine, Art in America, Sculpture Magazine, The New York Times, Le Monde Magazine, and on PBS's Art21. It has been included in books such

as the Whitechapel/MIT Press Documents of Contemporary Art series titled “Nature”, and Henry Sayre’s "A World of Art", 8th edition, published by Pearson Education Inc. In 2022, a monograph of Mattingly's work titled "What Happens After" was published by the Anchorage Museum and Hirmer.

SUM 23

Together: Conversations and Collaboration

A collaboration with Karly Jean Kainz
La Mecha Contemporary, June 29th-July 22nd, 2023

“There is no one way to collaborate. The conversation, collaboration, and creativity explored during the creation process is often overshadowed by the final work’s aesthetic value; but is in itself an art form worthy of recognition. Together: Conversations and Collaborations is an exhibition dedicated to collaboratively produced works of art, exploring the excitement, and the power created when separate elements or artists combine making things that are new, beautiful, strange, and memorable.“

La Mecha Contemporary ︎︎︎

Karly Jean Kainz ︎︎︎

SPR 23

OutsmART: Nature Walk

La Llorana Trailhead, April 29th, 2023 at 10:00am

“In this workshop, artist Ashley Diane Saldana will take us on a nature walk and practice creative field writing and sketching. Walking in nature allows us to be more observant, curious and attuned to our senses while noticing the smaller details of the world around us. Saldana, will share more about her art making practice followed by a short, guided walk and journaling along the Rio Grande. (Sketchbooks and drawing materials will be provided but you are welcome to bring your own. Please bring water and wear comfortable shoes.)

Saldana’s work will be on display in the University Art Museum’s, “Echoes of an Empty Space: MFA Thesis Exhibition” from April 28th until May 20th. ”

SPR 23

Echoes of an Empty Space: 2023 Thesis Exhibiton

University Art Museum, April 28thth - May 20th, 2023

In Echoes of an Empty Space, Saldana, Latkar, and Gus pull thoughts, ideas, and experiments surrounding connectivity and identity made during their time at NMSU into a singular exhibition. Viewers will have a full sensory experience in the gallery with each artist providing takeaways like the lasting aroma of Latkar’s spice-laden mixed media works to the shiny informational postcards from Gus. Saldana uses her field-based practice to orient herself in spaces of solitude as means of exploring human connection, materiality, and time. Latkar’s multimedia creations are focused on the experience of living in an in-between space, belonging ‘nowhere,’ and the tension between ‘here’ and ‘there’. Gus challenges the binaries within gender, cultural identity, religion, and queerness through an interdisciplinary practice.

University Art Museum ︎︎︎

University Art Museum ︎︎︎
Yashoda Latkar ︎︎︎

SPR 23

2023 Juried Student Show

University Art Museum, March 24th - April 15th, 2023

The NMSU University Art Museum (UAM) is thrilled to announce the 2023 Juried Student Show (JSS) in Devasthali Hall on the campus of NMSU. Every year the UAM receives an impressive variety of submissions by both undergraduate and graduate students, highlighting a broad range of materials, methods, and ideas. The JSS is an opportunity to acknowledge NMSU’s hard-working students by recognizing their outstanding creativity. This exhibition always attracts a large audience and encourages widespread community support.

The 2023 JSS, juried by Xochi Solis, features artworks in a wide range of mediums created by both undergraduate and graduate students from diverse disciplines and various majors across the NMSU main campus.

Please join the UAM for our opening reception on Friday, March 24, from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. The award ceremony will begin at 6 p.m. The Juried Student Show will be on view in the Contemporary Gallery at the University Art Museum at NMSU from March 24 through April 15, 2023.

University Art Museum ︎︎︎

SPR 23

Lushly NCECA

Fern Shop Cinncinatti, Ohio
March 13th - March 18th, 2023

Curated by Sydney Ewerth and Paul Maloney.

Fern Shop ︎︎︎

Photo Credit: Sydney Ewerth

SUM 22

Conditions of Control

A Collaboration with Karly Jean Kainz

CAV Window Gallery, Las Cruces, NM
August 5th, 2022 4-10pm

This project is a collaboration between Ashley Diane Saldana and Karly Jean Kainz as an investigation between human interaction and technology in relation to the sustainabiility of plant life. Searching to understand the complexities of how the role of technology plays in life, “Conditions of Control” tethers between the controlled and uncontrolled, as evidence to the ways awareness and human connection are crucial components in the care of biology. Ceramic vessels shelter and construct a landscape of study, experimenting with various interactions of care by choreographing light, water, and sound to simulate artificial and natural environments. Some rely on human interaction while others are created through automation with technology. Each of these environments determine the treatments numerous plants receive, while others solely represent life without care that then in turn become neglected.

CAV Gallery ︎︎︎
Karly Jean Kainz ︎︎︎

SPR 22

Sweet Rituals and Strange Memories

A collaboration with William Moree

Opening Reception April 16, 2022 11-2pm
Closing Reception May 14th, 2022 11-2pm

The processes of growth and change

inevitably instigates opportunities for collaboration, whether we recognize them or not. This exhibition is the result of seven artists working collaboratively at a critical juncture in their academic and professional careers. They challenge one another’s formative processes, exploring the shifting influences of time, place, ritual, and memory.

The exhibition will be held in two phases. Phase I begins with the end product—work made specifically for the exhibition. Phase II will shift the focus from the “objectness” of the finished works to consideration of the external forces and material transformations of each artist. Phase II, co-curated by Karly Jean Kainz and Lynne Maphies, will reveal the processes and materiality of making, evolving the project into a different exhibition altogether.

This exhibition is the result of the semester- long Graduate Seminar Course on Professional Practices with Leslie Moody Castro in the Department of Art at New Mexico State University, in collaboration with the Casa Otro Residency Project.

Casa Otro ︎︎︎
William Moree ︎︎︎